What the World’s Richest 5 Could Buy

The powers of capitalism. I’m not advocating control over the economy, but it does feel ridiculous how rich a small percentage of the world population is, and how poor the rest of the world is.

I do believe in equality of opportunity, coupled with a basic outcome for everyone. Poverty is poverty, and we should still do our best to eradicate it. But beyond the minimum, there really shouldn’t be any more enforced equality. That will only turn out bad for the country and the people. So do I think these people deserve to have so much money? Yep. Are they obliged to help the needy of the world? Nope.

But more should be done for the needy. And that’s not up to individuals, but governments. It’s their responsibility to bring about economic growth, to help improve the quality of living. Bill Gates doesn’t have to donate huge chunks of his fortune, but he does because he’s a Good Guy Greg. That’s admirable and should be encouraged, but that can’t be the solution to worldwide poverty. But unfortunately, states are usually more concerned about themselves, and citizens too. Until more of the world shifts into a post-materialistic mindset, we’ll forever see issues of poverty in developing countries struggling to escape their economic plight.

Business & Money

Bill Gates regains his title as “World’s Richest Person” in the new Forbes’ Billionaire list for 2014.  Gates spends so much of his money on charity that for four years, he was not listed as the richest of the rich.

But let’s face it: Every person on the Forbes list has a mind-boggling amount of money. Big ticket items like diamonds and houses represent incidental splurges for this group.  What would it look like if these moneybags decided to drop some serious coin?   What can that kind of money buy?

We decided to take a look at what this year’s top 5 could buy if they decided to blow it all in one glorious spending spree.

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