Singapore – Most Expensive City in the World

Hurray for rising costs of living that don’t necessarily reflect the true quality of living!

COE is a culprit for us being the most expensive city in the world? Not surprised. Our certificate to own a car can buy a few cars in other countries. Does it help control the number of cars? Not really, not when old, cranky, dirty cars are still maintained and driven around daily, driving up COE prices whilst polluting the air and increasing traffic. Public transport isn’t improved either, despite fare hikes, and that just discourages use of public instead of private transport.

ERP doesn’t ease traffic either, and putting them in places where people HAVE to pass no matter what, only implies that it’s a system meant to generate profit and not actually ease traffic. When increasing ERP prices doesn’t actually ease traffic, you know damn well it’s an exercise in futility, and should go in another direction instead of persisting with a system that plainly isn’t working. Heck, all I hear isn’t improving traffic conditions, but increasing profits from ERP.

Not to mention rising home costs, utility bills, and…clothes? Okay, that’s a new one to me, but I’m assuming boutique and branded clothes are contributing to the high average costs.

Is there justification for such costs? Well, we can’t claim to be the most modern of cities, so I don’t think we should be the most expensive. But we are relatively safe and comfortable in our little bubble, so there is justification for a high (but not the highest) cost of living.

Will I ever migrate? Nah. Grass is always greener on the other side. Just need to find a good-paying job, I suppose…


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