HTC Teases The “All New HTC One” In New Promo Video For BoomSound

I just got into the audio game recently (thanks to, and it’s really funny to hear the video where the ‘scientist’ talks about class-D amplifiers (which I’m sure are to power bookshelf speakers) and DC-to-DC converters (which probably don’t exist, because why do you need to convert to the same type of current?). HTC is doing their best in the midst of falling sales and losses, and I do like their style. Samsung is often ham-handed in their advertising and poor attempts to block any criticism, not to mention actually hiring fake reviewers to diss other phones. iPhone and its ecosystem often feels cloistered, and while I’m a Mac user, the environment is far more open there IMO (even if it’s nowhere close to Windows/Linux).

I personally have a HTC One X, and I’ve been eyeing the HTC One for a while now. I do hope the new HTC One can keep up with Samsung and Apple, because it’ll be a pity to have the smartphone industry become what is essentially a duopoly.

Then, if/when Project Ara becomes reality, then I can hop on that hype train and be taken where Google wants to take me (hopefully not to a world where my privacy is violated all the time though…).


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