Time to dosh out some criticism with impunity.

I can’t say I don’t want to comment on the stupid things that famous people have been up to recently, because here I am, blogging about it. But it’s nothing that really concerns me, and I’m pretty sure most fans of these celebrities either wilfully ignore their terrible behaviour, or are educated enough to see that these people aren’t role models.

Bieber: I’m not sure I’ll be like Bieber if I were rich and famous and desirable at from age 16. I suppose it could get to me, as would anyone, but who doesn’t want to take the moral high ground and say that they won’t do the same?

At least I won’t visit strip clubs or brothels. Logically speaking, too many STIs floating around. I’m planning to live to a ripe old age swimming in my millions, not suffer endlessly from medicating to suppress AIDS. And it’s a waste of money given that I would have an attractive lady by my side.

I wouldn’t go crashing my spanking new sportscar (Aston Martin DB9 for the classiness) or racing it recklessly, because that would be wrecking a work of art. And I do like to obey the law, because without law, there would be anarchy and a collapse of civilisation (as much of a slippery slope argument as that is).

Tattoos? Not my thing, and enduring too much pain for a permanent thing you might regret? No chance. Drugs? Again, danger to the health. Graffiti? I don’t have any artistic talent, so nope. I suppose I’ll be careless with my money, spending it freely, but I doubt I’ll get up to his antics.

Is this all because of poor parenting? I always regard parenting as paramount to the growth of a child. Without good parenting, you won’t find sensible kids around. Should the Bieber family rein him in? Right now, I think he’s too far gone, and will need to crash and burn before he’ll wake up. By then it’ll be too late.

I think I’ll be happy with a decent, middle-class life. Fame and fortune sound stressful in their own ways.

Miley Cyrus: I’ve heard of compensating, and usually that applies to men with big cars and small packages. Why Miley Cyrus has turned her back completely on her Hannah Montana/Disney roots is unclear, though I suspect it is a form of compensating for her childhood being stolen from her, forced into a perfect mould for children to model themselves after.

And she likely wants a reputation, good or bad, to sell albums. While she has similar claims to BeyoncĂ© in that she’s apparently a feminist and does what she wants, I don’t really buy that. There’s showing that you can be who you want to be, and there’s stuffing a fan’s thong in your mouth. That’s unhygienic, and being a terrible role model for all the thousands of fans who look up to her.

I’ve heard theories that it’s a poor family background that’s leading to her ‘lashing out’, rebelling against the establishment and doing all sorts of unsightly things. Her father doesn’t seem the most sensible person around, and she is young, so it could really be a phase. But if it’s not, then it’s a bloody waste of talent.

It could also be competition against Lady Gaga (and now Katy Perry, who seems hell-bent on being weird too). Gaga sold the weird factor to us a long while ago, and frankly, her songs are pretty good (and one can even dig deeper to find meaning). Katy Perry has rather simple songs, but again, some are meaningful. Miley has probably one or two decent songs, and I’m guessing a lot of the rest have something to do with sex, weed, and alcohol.

Well, unfortunately, vices sell, and Miley is intent on selling as much of it as possible.

Shia LaBeouf: The last of the 3 famous people in the news recently. I’m not sure if all of this is a publicity stunt (which it feels like), a real emotional thing for Shia (which is retarded if so), or some wacky artistry (that I can believe, but don’t want to understand). But it looks ridiculous, even more so than his acting in Transformers.

But what’s more ridiculous is the 5-hour long queue to see Shia for 5 mins, wearing a paper bag on his head and crying. If it’s a publicity stunt, he certainly succeeded in capturing the attention of the world. Even me, as ashamed as I am to admit it.

C’mon, Shia. Be like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. Just take a break from Hollywood. Doing things like this won’t garner any more fame than you already have. Geez.


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